Goodell's Crackdown Is Much-Needed

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    It's still early, but this should hopefully restore some of the NFL's "cred". And it should no doubt change the way the teams draft in the future. Does this mean that the Bengals put a good # of its players on short notice? Amazing how just a few transgressions in just a very short period can enable some change in the NFL. It's just a shame that Tags didn't get the memo.
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    damn the bengals team is going to be non existent bc of this
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    I honestly dont get these players that go out and get into trouble. They get millions to play a sport!!! That in itself should be enough deterance from getting into trouble. They need to realize that there are little kids that look up to them. I was dissapointed when i found out that Brett Favre had alittle stint with perscription drugs. They need to focus more on football then having parties or think its cool doing the stupid things they do. They need to show more class like a Marvin Harrison or Carson Palmer or countless other great role models in the NFL. Very dissipointed it had to come to this in the first place.
    Enough ranting and raving from me.

    And I do feel bad for the Bengals for having these guys on there team but another side of it is they drafted/FA these guys and knew about there problems.
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    It happens when athletes are treated Godlike.
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    That happens if you gave young players way to much money, they can't handle it. I don't know anything about the background of them, but I guess most are comming out of unprivileged familys and suddenly they are making the big money.

    ...and some are plain stupid. Bengals' Henry cited on traffic charges