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    Upon a recent, giggly cellphone conversation about football and all things otherwise, Croshere and I broke into a discussion about the current state of the NFL and more specifically the contracts offered the league’s highest-profiled position. Croshere’s hypothesis, which we’re about to prove here in just a moment, is that in a salary capped league, contracts which dedicate that much money to a single player are detrimental to a team, handcuffing a franchise and don’t allow them to sign other talented players. Furthermore, we argued, said deals are not sustainable in the long term.

    Let’s take a look, shall we?

    Carry on at:
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    Great read, Chump.

    This has been the blue print to win a Super Bowl in the past decade. Russell Wilson was on a rookie 3rd-round pick contract, making less than a million dollars, so the Seahawks had one of the most balanced and maybe best roster this century. The Eagles won another Super Bowl with a QB on a rookie contract. Tom Brady always gives a discount to the Patriots because he's married to a super model, and doesn't need the money. Why teams keep giving 20, 25, and now 30 million contracts to star QBs is beyond me. And just wait for the Chiefs to give Patrick Mahomes a 40-million per year contract in 2022. It will be insane.

    This is why I'm so angry about the past Cowboys mistakes, salary-cap wise. Here we are, with our starting QB making 600,000 dollars, and we couldn't build around him because we're still paying Tony Romo and Dez Bryant!! Next year Dak will be eligible for an extension and he'll AT LEAST get 20 million. I say at least because Jerry Jones loves overpaying his drafted stars, and restructuring those deals down the line. Troy Aikman and Deion Sanders still counted towards our cap 3 years after they left. We haven't learned anything.

    There will be one team that will trade or drop its starting QB once his rookie deal expires and find another one. My prime candidate: The Rams. With such a loaded roster in every single line, with Aaron Donald already making QB money, with Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks who just signed their extensions, and other players waiting for theirs in the next couple of years, I just don't see how they could afford Jared Goff. McVay is an offensive wizard. I'm sure he can take another kid from college, insert him in the starting line-up and make him a star or at least a very competent QB. If they trade Goff to the Broncos next year for a sh!tload of draft picks, remember you read it here first.
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    Sharp response, Teej.

    The Cowboys and Rams are both perfect examples of how owners/GMs have to finagle the system and could be f**k**ed as a result.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens with Goff... and Prescott as you mention.

    Championships are gonna take some shrewd GMing these days. And those stuck paying top dollar for QBs could find themselves once again on the outside looking in.
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    I see everybody trying to emulate the Seahawks and Eagles in the next couple of years, unless the NFLPA closes the loophole...although I honestly don't see how. Teams could start using players for 4 years (their rookie contracts) and dump them and replace them with other rookies.

    Hell, that's what I do in Madden Franchise mode now. As long as you know how to draft well, you can have stacked, cheap rosters forever. The game even seems to be broken because of this. I won 10 straight super bowls with the Cowboys in my Madden 19 frachise :D.

    It's a matter of time...
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    Out with the new and in with the newer.

    When league vets like Bortles or Flacco or Winston or whomever end up leaving their franchises, I wonder what they'll garner on the open market or whether owners will start refusing to pay that sort of money for starters.