Hamburg Sea Devils: Denzel's son faces uphill fight

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    BERLIN -- John David Washington just wants to carry the ball for the Hamburg Sea Devils. No matter that he isn't expected to start -- he's getting a bit of star treatment.

    Washington is the son of actor Denzel Washington. At a recent fan day for the German team in NFL Europa, the son was swamped by photo-snapping fans wanting a touch of Hollywood.

    "They almost see him when they see me," Washington said. "If they want to take a picture, that's fine with me. The way I look at it they are taking pictures of the Hamburg Sea Devils team."

    It's refreshing to see him work hard and go thru the motions at what he really likes. He could have played the star treatment and lived off his dad.
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    true that.... and to play in the nfle he must really like it
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    just shows commitment. hopefully it will work for him.
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    Can't see anything wrong to play over here
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    not saying there is anything wrong with it... you just have to realyl have that drive to get the crap kicked out of you for not the huge pay day the nfl players get