Have A FF Game You Want Promoted? PM Me The Details By Aug.22nd

Discussion in 'Site News' started by SRW, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. SRW

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    I am planning on sending out a mass email/PM to all the members of all the open FF games, Pick'ems, Suicide leagues and more our members are hosting so we can get more people in the mix. If you'd like your game mentioned, please PM me the following:

    • Game Title:
    • Game thread link:
    • Brief Description/Info:
    I will be sending out the email on Thursday, August 23rd. All games that want to be included in the email will need to be PM'ed to me no later than Wednesday, August 22nd by 9:00 PST. So get them games together and hit me up!
  2. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    Just reminder to everyone that if you want a FF game promoted on the site, I'll need a PM with the info above.
  3. Sportsguy

    Sportsguy AKA-Sportsguy9695

    sounds good steve, great idea
  4. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    Thank you for the PM's [MENTION=1346]Sportsguy9695[/MENTION]. Again, if anyone else wants their games mentioned in a mass PM, please PM the details listed in the first post.