Help Wanted: Mods For NFL, Outside The Lines; Writer For NFL Draft Article

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    [​IMG] is looking for a few good members who enjoy the site and want to help it grow. We have the current openings on our staff's roster:

    NFL Forums
    One Open Spots

    Outside The Lines Forums
    One Open Spots

    We're looking for volunteers to become moderators who could help us with the following activities:

    • Help welcome new members to the site and make sure any questions they have get answered
    • Keep their forums active with new relevant content and adding to active conversations
    • Alert the admins to any technical issues so we can make sure they get addressed promptly
    • Help us moderate any disputes on the site and make sure the forum rules are enforced fairly and consistently

    We are also looking for a writer to fill the last open featured weekly column:

    NFL Draft Insider
    Overview: A look at potential prospects for the upcoming NFL draft.​

    If you love football and love to write, we want you on our team. Your writing needs to be spelling and grammar checked, be easy to read, and be well organized. It takes time (often a lot of time) and work (often a lot of work). We take this very seriously and so should you. Don't apply unless you are serious and plan to stick around.

    We also require images in columns, video if possible (embedding videos from YouTube, or similar places would be fine), formatting to keep the column organized, (bold, italics, underlines, larger font for headers/titles/subtitles, colored font, and so on), avoiding "walls of text" by breaking up long columns with section headers, and, if possible, smaller sections to go with a main op-ed piece.


    If you're interested in volunteering, we'd love to hear from you. Moderators and Columnists get some extra perks on the site like:

    • Username change
    • Allowed to advertise themselves in their articles (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Podcast, etc.)
    • Earn extra vCash for being on the staff
    We will be looking to add more perks for members who step up to help the site.

    If you're interested in volunteering, we'd love to hear from you. Please let me know by sending me a message on the site or replying to this thread.
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    @127 has stepped up to re-join the site's mod team. He will be a mod in the Outside The Lines section.

    Welcome back and thanks for stepping up again!

    We still have an opening in the Football Forums and for the NFL Draft Insider featured article.
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    Welcome Back!!!! Awesome news!!
  4. SRW

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    The man was a pillar during his first run on the staff. We are a whole lot stronger with him back aboard IMO.
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    Big ups, 127.
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    Props, 127