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  1. Rseftons1

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    getting killed I’m 1-3. Not sure what to do on the waivers nothing really worth picking up.

    Any recommendations?
    I have my team as well as the waiver boards.

    PPR, 6 pt TDs, 1 point per 10 yards rec/rush, 25 yards a point passing.

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  2. Kurt

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    well J Cook has been a bust with Brees out.. Howard posted a huge week (second productive week in a row) but I'm sure he's on your bench..

    on the league page.. you should see a list of all teams and "point for PR" and "points against"... have you just been un lucky? meaning you've faced the top 4 teams in the league? or are you under performing? If you're under-performing then at what position? what position do you need to upgrade? Obviously Cooks isn't getting it done but you didn't post the available TE's.

    Perhaps post your WW TE's - sorted by projected points.

    I don't see any upgrades at RB or WR - Sorry...

    Looks like you need to find someone to buy Jordan Howard at a premium - if no one bites this week then they should after he smokes the Jets, we hope.

    I'd probably be starting Howard over Lindsay in Week 5 - But after week 5 Howards schedule is a beast and once all the Eagles WR's are back healthy he will probably see a dip in production..
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    Thanks. I’m getting beat up at TE, and 2nd RB. I’ve scored 574 (third fewest) and have had 619 scored on me which is also the third fewest. Guice/Cook/Diggs are really killing me. This league doesn’t do many treads, no one trusts anyone.

    I do have a trade proposed to me: I would give them Allen Robinson and I would get Curtis Samuel and Alexander Mattison... these are the trades you get.

    TE waiver wire is below.

    Thanks for the help

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  4. Kurt

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    send everyone in your league a trade off of Howard and Diggs for a huge upgrade at TE plus a lesser name WR that has been producing.. you got to start the talks bro..

    Jimmy G -- with ADAMS hurting Jimmy G may finally start being looked for. This could help the chemistry long term for he and Rodgers. It's worth a shot this week =)

    Another thought.. Is C. Herndon (JETS) - he is a nice stash just in case he produces (now off suspension).

    D Lewis is more than drop-able.