Here’s hoping you’re having a better day than Robert Kraft: The Twitterverse strikes back

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    I woke up from a peaceful nap Friday afternoon to hear breaking news that Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots and proud owner of six Super Bowl rings, was somehow involved in a South Florida prostitution and s*x trafficking ring. I bet this was news most Patriots fans wish they had slept through as well.

    Local police uncovered that Kraft was among a number of men who frequented this massage parlor in exchange for sexual favors. According to the police reports, Kraft went twice… and there is video. Rest assured TMZ is working overtime to bring you all the news the NFL is not fit to print.

    While s*x trafficking is no laughing matter, Robert Kraft getting involved in a prostitution ring that involves s*x trafficking in a town that Donald Trump pretty much owns sure the hell is. Or at least Twitter thought so.

    Oh, these are good...
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