Hmmmm ... Did The Ball Break The Plane ?

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by smeags, Oct 3, 2008.

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    I don't really care if the picture show's its a TD but I do question how you can after seeing it interpret it any other way. Again I don't CARE that it was a TD now because they aren't giving us the points. But that picture appears to be directly over the goalline to me and the ball clearly broke the plane
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    I see this thread being bumped in December when the Eagles fall short from the play-offs by one game.
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    LOL... I like to bump threads!

    Fact is they'll probably be about 6 games shy of making the playoffs!!! :).
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    It's not directly over. You can tell how the players are standing that it's not directly over. :icon_lol:
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    I was typing for Reid to challenge it in the gameday thread... oh well. He's toss happy when there is no way it will get overturned, but hangs on to it in a case like this. Super.
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    Now, if memory serves me, the Eagles had two time outs plus the two minute warning left. Maybe Reid and the people upstairs thought it wasn't worth risking losing a time out?

    Yeah, it is time for you to get new glasses, lol.
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    It's really hard to tell from just that angle and would've been hard to overrule, but I was really bewildered as to why Reid didn't challenge it.
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    Because hes a dumb fatbutt.
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    how could it be corrupted, that makes zero sense. this pic clearly shows the ball breaking the plane. again, t.v. doesn't show all the angles and this one wasn't shown but the coaches do get all the angles to look at and they should've challegned it. it would'nt have been a longshot with this pic. it would've been over turned.

    my point with all of this isn't that i want the call back, it shows once again that reid sucks butt as a coach. when the game is on the line he fails. again and again. his game planning is as predictable as the cubs failing to win a world series.

    we will never, EVER win with reid.