How Could Goodell Justify Failing to Suspend Michael Vick?

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  1. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell established a very clear precedent when he suspended Titans cornerback Pacman Jones for the entire 2007 season: Goodell is the NFL's own judge, jury and executioner, and he doesn't care if his findings don't match those of our nation's legal system. So what possible circumstances could there be for Goodell to do anything other than suspend Falcons quarterback Michael Vick? Isn't there at least as much evidence that Vick was involved in dog fighting as there is that Jones was involved in the shooting outside a Las Vegas strip club that left a man paralyzed? Even if Vick is never charged with a crime -- which is certainly possible -- why isn't there already enough evidence for Goodell to suspend him?

    Source: Michael David Smith, NFL Fanhouse
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    I'm waiting on that judgement myself, no matter what anyone says, being judge, jury and executioner and then being the guy that reviews the decision if the players take it higher is freaking bogus, guess he knows how God feels.[smilie=doh.gif]
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    Yea Vick's butt should get at least 8 games for all his off the field crap this season
  4. Rules don't apply to high profile players....I thought you guys all knew that...
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    Especially the face of the franchise I guess
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    Yes, but we talkin about Michael Vick, don't we

    He should get suspended for a couple of games too