Huge Boulder Narrowly Misses Farmhouse

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    Dislodged by a landslide, this boulder narrowly missed a farmhouse, destroyed the barn, and stopped in the vineyard on Jan. 21, 2014 in Ronchi di Termeno, in Northern Italy. According to reports, the Trebo family living there was unharmed.

    A second boulder stopped just feet behind the traditional stone farmhouse in the rocky region of Alto-Adige. This boulder came to rest near a large rock that rolled down the mountain many years ago.

  2. Tarkus

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    This always amazes me how some people live on the edge of tragedy. This happened before so I'd have a hard time feeling sorry if it killed them all.
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    Holy crape. I hear they are moving to Boulder, CO.
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    WHere's the video?
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    I smell another Oscar nom for James Franco
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    Really?? That's like saying people shouldn't live in Oklahoma because they have tornados,or you shouldn't live in Japan because they have Hurricanes.People live on the edge of tragedy everyday,all over the world.
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    Fake without video.
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    Are you sayin the Internet lies??:ROFLMAO:
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    Nah...I won't bad talk the internet...that motherfreaker could ruin you...
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    This isn't remotely a weather related situation. I will say, however, if you choose to live in a high risk area that have 100s of tornados a year, more power to you. Just don't come calling for money next time your trailer gets relocated in the next county.

    This scenario is simple...big f'n rock narrowly misses taking your whole family out. You assess the situation...there's more big f'n rocks waiting their turn but my family's been here for generations.

    Once again, more power to you & I think you' re a moron. See? No harm done & we both get what we want...

    Which in some cases is unavoidable but not in this case. Just sheer stupidity...

    & the frequency of people living on the edge of tragedy all over the world doesn' t have any bearing whether it' s avoidable/unavoidable - smart/stupid.