Hugh Freeze's Big Ole Miss

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    After a brief birthday hiatus and neglecting to post anything on the website for a few days, one dedicated reader politely requested I jot down something about SEC media week.

    I won’t lie. I missed the whole damn thing. A week full of whiskey, dinners and golfing got in the way, although probably not as much whiskey, dinner and golfing that occurred over SEC weekend. Besides, without Steve Spurrier at the helm and Nick Saban no longer having to ass-chew Lane Kiffin, SEC media days are a sequel we have no business watching. The event came and went like a feather in the wind, unless you consider a coach from one school claiming a coach from another school ran a dirty program nothing to see. Isn’t that par for the SEC course?

    That nothing to see lasted one week… until the “butt dial” heard ‘round the South.

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