I Don't Even Give A s**t Who You Root For!

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by hermhater, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Kansas City Chiefs are gonna get it all straightened out this year, and we are gonna kick ass!!!

    :punch: :yahoo: :beersign: :wise:
  2. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    Sure...6-10 is the new way to "straight it out", right?
  3. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

  4. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Feeling generous today TJ?
  5. Mike

    Mike Want some Cheetos?


    i'm more thinking 4-12 : shrug :
  6. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I'm thinkint 2-4 wins max...
  7. Ridin Burgundy

    Ridin Burgundy on the Magic Bandwagon

  8. ravenfan52

    ravenfan52 Perennial All Pro


    So you're gonna "kick ass" this year with no QB and the worst head coach in the league, which even you admit. Huh.
  9. Susielr

    Susielr Go Steelers

    I have no comment.
  10. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    I think I was drunk :icon_redface:
  11. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    The spirit of Lamar is watching over the Chiefs!

    He is gonna help Albert block for Brodie's blind side, and it is all gonna come together!!!


    Herm is on his 3rd year of rebuilding, if he can't pull out 6 wins with all this youth, he better get run out of town!
  12. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    So will you change your screen name when that happens?
  13. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Don't know if that is possible, and I will still hate the guy for what he's done here in KC.

    I guess I could change it to HermLover if he goes to the Raiders or the Broncos...
  14. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015.

    This thread sucks.
  15. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    So do the Eagles...

  16. dolphindude13

    dolphindude13 Jack Of All Trades

    Even the Fins will win more than the Chefs this year!:looney:
  17. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    I highly doubt it...

    But good luck with all that!

  18. dolphindude13

    dolphindude13 Jack Of All Trades

    I think that would be a nice vcash bet for us. Miami's winning 7 or8 games this year, Chiefs might get 4, it would be easy money for me.:devil1:
  19. bandi

    bandi Hall Of Famer

    Damn hh...now you went and jinxed us. :icon_redface:
  20. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Nah, we can pull out 8 wins this year, our schedule is pretty soft.

    We better not lose to the friggin' Raiders this year though!!!