Impact Results For 3/15/12

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    1. Madison Rayne beat Velvet Sky. Velvet went right after Madison with the intensity you would expect from two former tag partners who are on opposite sides of the fence these days. The announcers spoke about how neither woman had a chance to prepare for the match. Late in the match, Velvet rolled up Madison, who rolled through and then held Velvet's tights while scoring the pin

    2. Crimson (w/Matt Morgan) defeated Samoa Joe (w/Magnus) in 4:30

    3. Gail Kim pinned Mickie James in a non-title match in 5:15. Mickie jumped out to the early advantage. Gail tried to hit her with the title belt, but Mickie cut her off and remained in control. Gail came back and worked over Mickie's right knee.

    4. Mr. Anderson pinned Christopher Daniels in 5:45. Anderson did his usual introduction on the stage and received a good reaction. Daniels jumped him once he entered the ring to start the match. The announcers questioned whether Kazarian is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Daniels suffered a hard-way cut on his face

    5. Garett Bischoff survived against Kurt Angle in a five-minute challenge. Lots of crowd noise for Garett that didn't match the actual crowd's visual reaction. Angle dominated the match and hit a nasty suplex on Bischoff roughly four minutes into the match. With 30 seconds left, Angle went for his slam finisher, but Garett avoided it and threw him out of the ring.

    6. James Storm pinned Gunner on 3:50. Bully Ray came out to watch the match from the entrance ramp. The match was competitive until Storm hit some of his signature spots down the stretch and finished him off with the Last Call. Ray teased fighting Storm afterwards only to back down..

    For detailed results, go here
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    Dear Impact or TNA or whatever your name is this week, please stopping pushing Garret Bischoff down our throats. He's simply not ready.
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    dear impact

    please remove hogan/biscoff from your shows, until then i shall not watch
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    I resort to watching it after it tapes and forwarding past the Hulk/Bischoff/Flair segments.