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    Leading up to the draft, well be giving you exclusive inside access to the war rooms of various teams across the league. Today: the Dallas Cowboys.

    Well, I think the war rooms all set, Mr. Jones.

    Jerry Jones: Wheres the heckin easel?

    Assistant: The what?

    I need a heckin easel! Have you never been in a meetin, Jennifer? I need a big heckin easel to write all my ideas down.


    Jones: And I want three different kinds of Sharpies. I need a red Sharpie, because whenever I get a really heckin big idea, I like writin it in red. That way, everyone pays attention to it. Then I need a green Sharpie for drawing pie charts. Then I want one of those markers that writes in shiny gold ink. Its kinda like gold leaf, know what I mean?

    Assistant: I think so.

    Jones: Well, I want a crapload of those. Because I like goin through all my big heckin ideas and then putting a gold star by the ones I REALLY like. Like if I say, Hey, what if we trade up to get Calvin Johnson? I wanna be able to star that little sumsnitch. In fact, write that down right now.

    Wade Phillips: Where do I sit?

    Jones: Shut up, fatty! You only get to talk when I pull this chain! You understand me!

    Wade: Yes, sir.

    Jones: I didnt pull the freaking chain. Dance, fat man! Dance!

    (He dances.)

    Jones: Ha ha! Look at that fat bounce all around! Jennifer, you can poke him with a stick if you want.

    Assistant: No, thank you.

    Jones: Suit yourself. Nothin finer than pokin a fat man! Now, I want place cards arranged around the table. And I want titles too! Remember my title?

    Assistant: The Boss Man?

    Jones: god**mn heckin right, I am. Son of a gun! Now, food. I want Einstein Bagels in the morning. Hey fatty, what do you want for lunch? You may speak!

    (pulls chain)

    Wade: Sandwiches.

    Jones: Wow! Arent you an incredibly creative mind! I never woulda thoughta heckin sandwiches on my own! Way to be outta the box! You stupid tub of lard. Lets get some fried chicken, and other assorted Negro food.

    Assistant: Sir, I dont think thats appropriate here.

    Jones: (rolls eyes) Fine. Well have Thai.

    Assistant: I meant the term "Negro", sir. Not the food choice.

    Jones: Ah, don't be such a tightass, darlin'. We love our Negroes down here in Texas. Now, be sure to order extra Larb Gai. Somebody always eats that crap before I can get a helpin!

    Assistant: Okay.

    Jones: Now, wheres the draft board?

    Wade: Oh, were using an electronic draft board this year, using Javascript.

    Jones: What?! Unacceptable. I want an old school draft board, with each players name and school written on a plaque that I can move up and down at my behest. It feels more God-like that way. Its like Star Wars, where they play chess with those tiny monsters. In fact, I would like little action figures of all 500 draft prospects, so I can make em fight! Make that happen!

    Assistant: Yes, sir.

    Jones: And I want the ESPN camera behind my right shoulder, so it looks like Im presiding over the room, which I am.

    Assistant: Yes, sir.

    Jones: And I need a bottle of Lubriderm close by, so that Ed Werder doesnt chafe my p**is when hes rubbing me down.

    Assistant: Yes, sir.

    Jones: Hey, fatty!

    (pulls chain)

    Wade: Sir?

    Jones: Did you figure out the conference calling equipment like I told you?

    Wade: I think so.

    Jones: Then lets call the ghost of Tex Schramm now and see if it works.

    Wade: You cant call ghosts, sir.

    Jones: Just heckin do it, Flubber!

    (one hour later)

    Tex: Hello?

    Jones: Good! It heckin works! Hey there, Tex!

    Tex: Can we hurry this up? I got another meeting in ten.

    Jones: You look here, you dead piece of crap! I spent an hour getting you on this phone. You arent going nowhere! I need you to help me compile my list of Surprise Draft Picks. You know, the ones no one sees comin.

    Tex: Ugh.

    Jones: And wheres the mechanical bull? Jennifer, take this list down

    Assistant: Yes, sir.

    Jones: We need a a mechanical bull, a LIVE bull, a 30 foot Tostitos banner, a 1950s style soda fountain, a pile of gold bricks that I can stand near at all times, a lifesize cutout for me for whenever I go take a crap, four mules, brownies AND blondies, ten crates of fresh cigars, a large cache of automatic weapons, Fiji water, a Bill Parcells lookalike I can shoot at, a mounted trophy of a mooses head, notepads and pencils for everyone, a bearskin rug, artificial stalactites that I can have dropped on people at a moments notice, a compass, one of those oversized beach balls, and a fresh cheese and fruit plate no one will touch. Got all that?

    Assistant: Yep.

    Jones: Now thats a draft room! Giddyfreakingup!

    found this on some blog, thought id give them credit for this funny butt crap

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