Is the New Dallas Stadium About to be Super?

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  1. In one week, the NFL will decide who will be the host site of Super Bowl XLV ... the game that will end the 2010 season [being played in February 2011]. Right now, North Texas looks to be a very attractive site to win that game. The New Dallas Cowboys Stadium will be quite the marvel befitting of America's Team. The new stadium is scheduled to open in 2009 and house 80,000 seats with possible expansion to 100,000 ... making it the largest NFL home field. While it will have the symbolic hole in the roof, that hole can be covered up with a retractable roof which is what the NFL is looking for in it's non-SoCal and Florida Super Bowl sites.

    Source: Sportz Assassin, NFL Fanhouse
  2. Blu N Houston

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    Super Bowl 2010

    ....and so will be History written for the Texans.
    Winning our first SuperBowl in Big D...
    sorta sounds like what the Dynamo did last season
    Now it's up to Kubes to make that dream come true...Go TExans
  3. TJ

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    That must be some awesome crap you're smoking, Blu :shock:

    Yes...history will be made. The Cowboys will be the first team to win the Super Bowl in their home field ;).
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    I think you're getting the Super Bowl confused with the Toilet Bowl. [smilie=icon_mrgree:
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    Dream on TJ.
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    it was announced this week that Dallas did in fact get selected to host SB 45