Is There Hope For Robert Gallery?

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  1. It's hard to believe that it was only three years ago, in the 2004 NFL draft, when Iowa tackle Robert Gallery was almost universally considered the best prospect on the board. The Raiders took him second overall, after Ole Miss quarterback Eli Manning, and everyone agreed that Oakland could pencil Gallery in as the starting left tackle for a decade or so. And now Gallery is universally considered a bust. Manning hasn't set the world on fire with the Giants, but when people talk about the 2004 draft, Gallery is cited as the biggest disappointment.

    Source: Mike Florio,
  2. nastynate184

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    i am hugly disappionted in how gallery has turned out but i have not lost all hope with him yet.
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    Huff is a bigger bust than Gallery...part of Gallerys problem has been the constant overturn of coaches and the subsequent shuffling of Oline positions. Maybe if the Raiders actually had pencilled him in at LT and LEFT HIM THERE, instead of moving him around on the line from position to position every season, he might be doing a lot better than he is right now. Add in a new OC with new blocking schemes every year, and hell, no young player will thrive in that scenario.
    Huff just sucks, can't tackle at all, bad in coverage...he will be the biggest Raiders bust in recent years.
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    Last year was his rookie season how are you going to call him a bust allready? It took Nadmi a good three seasons to get into pro bowl form... so i wouldn't write Huff off yet
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    It's been 3 seasons and Gallery is still a joke. If he still sucks this year, yeah he is an official bust in my opinion.
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    I've never fully understood why players are awarded the dubious "Bust" label by the media and fans alike while these so called "Busts" are still in the league and more importantly young enough to overcome disapointing starts to their careers.

    Obviously Robert Gallery hasn't set the NFL on fire with his blocking prowess and established himself as a top tier offensive lineman or the second coming of Anthony Munoz. Chances are he never will. If he can stay healthy though RG still has plenty of time to develop into a good and productive player. As Nate alluded to earlier in the thread, there's absolutely no point in giving up on Big Rob at this stage.

    This is the problem with being taken so early in the draft. You're practically expected to become a Hall of Famer - or at the very least, a perennial All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection...but that doesn't always materialise.

    The margin of error for high draft picks is almost non-existent. It's very difficult for a high draft pick to find an acceptable middle ground between being seen as a success or failure during their careers simply because expectations are so high.

    I guess a good (and topical) example of a player who did locate that middle ground I speak of is Keyshawn Johnson, a guy who enjoyed a very nice and long career without ever really becoming the dominant wide receiver that was perhaps expected of him coming out of USC in 1996.
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    Horror, I think that the hype that falls on these guys during the draft just elevates them to celebrity status before they even have a season or two under their belts. I don't know how many times you see, they were great in college, what happened? What happened was that not every "great" college player turns into a HOF or even a Pro Bowler so before you start paying these draft guys multi-million dollar paychecks and 10-20 million dollar signing bonuses how about you see them play first so the bust factor is non-existant.
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    Gallery is getting there. He needs to show the team something this year or he will be a big time bust.

    Its still to early to call Huff a bust as well.....