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  1. peterjason

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    I'm not seeing a ton written about Justin Jackson. He looked great but I'd appreciate any insider tips from LA area. I'll also share my line up for your picks. It's playoff time!!!

    QB: Rivers/L. Jackson (Rivers)
    RB: Cook, G. Edwards
    WR: K. Allen, Edelman
    Flex: Need two(C. Thompson, K. Johnson, J. Jackson, A. Robinson, K. Golladay)
  2. Kurt

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    With Gordon's possible return and Ekeler in the fold I'm not sure about Justin Jackson. If Gordon sits he is probably the best RBBC you can grab this week... well it's a toss up between him and Jaylen Samuel. Which then brings us to the Jeff Wilson vs Jaylen Samuel debate. I like Wilson more, but I'm biased a little as I picked him up this week and will be playing him in the playoffs.

    K. Johnson is the guy you want to start.. but ya.. I'm probably starting J. Jackson, A. Robinson depending on the news surrounding Gordon's availability.

    Good luck!