Jaguars HC Gus Bradley Wants Chad Henne To 'Capture Starting QB Job'

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    The quarterback competition didn't conclude in Jacksonville at the end of the preseason.

    Blaine Gabbert got the start in Week 1, but he earned no believers in the Jaguars' embarrassing 28-2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. He suffered another injury to his throwing hand as well, an issue that will sideline him against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

    Enter Chad Henne, only a little sooner than expected. The veteran said this week he hopes to play well enough to keep the starting job.

    "That's good -- I would hope he would say that," Bradley said, via the Jaguars' official website. "He's a competitor. That's why we have confidence in him playing. I really want him to go out here and capture this and be at his best. That was our conversation today, 'Don't wait until Sunday to compete.' "


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    SHouldn't take much to get the nod for the rest of the season... just have a pulse
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    I'll bet he does...anything but Gabbert.