Jaguars Jack Del Rio Latest Coach Injured On Sideline

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars are having some fun at coach Jack Del Rio’s expense. Del Rio injured his left leg Monday night against Baltimore, becoming the latest coach injured in a sideline collision, he is limping and using a golf cart to get to and from the practice field. Maybe the most embarrassing part for the hard-nosed, former NFL linebacker is that Ravens punter Sam Koch did the damage. Assistant coach Mark Duffner nominated Koch for a weekly “Jackhammer†award, the accolade Del Rio gives out for hard hits during games, and place-kicker Josh Scobee laughed as loud as he could as Del Rio drove onto the practice field Wednesday. Even Del Rio took a lighthearted approach with his injury. “I got a bag of ice and a couple of Tylenol, and that’s it,†Del Rio said. “I’m good to go.â€

    Source: Associated Press
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    Next thing you know, Goodell is going to try to make the game safer for coaches.
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    Any hits to a defenseless coach giving himself up on the play will result in a 25 yard penalty and a 100k dollar fine

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