Jaguars Not Anxious About Broncos' Wild Horse Package

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  1. With the Broncos first game with quarterback Tim Tebow on the roster comes the expectation that Denver’s Wild Horse package, little used last season, will be unveiled on a grander scale. It’s their variation on Miami’s Wildcat and Jacksonville will be the guinea pig, as the first defense to face Denver's the new variation. “Its effectiveness is debatable,” Jack Del Rio told Jacksonville media Wednesday. “I think it’s certainly been out there. Some teams are better at it than others. I think back to [reporter] Vito [Stellino’s] point, the Wildcat for Miami with Ronnie Brown, he was pretty good at it because there would be a guy in the hole he’d make them miss. “So I think clearly scheme is important but really the players are what makes things go, and so they’ll have something there and we’ll have something ready for that and we’ll see how it plays out.” Paul Kuharsky of ESPN doesn't expect we will be discussing a Wild Horse revolution on Sunday night. Kuharsky does expect young guys on the defensive front might be a bit flummoxed by it and suspects Tebow will be given a good opportunity or two to score at EverBank Field, near his home against a team that (wisely) passed on him in the draft. Does Del Rio expect Denver to have a playing role for Tebow Sunday? “I would think they would,” he said. “I didn’t consult with Josh (McDaniels) before I told you that.”

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    coz he's not what the team needs
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    Because it would have been an epic reach of dhb portions to take him at 8. But on topic I don't think Denver can run the wildcat effectively like Miami they don't have the backs Miami does