Jaguars Select Michigan WR Denard Robinson (Rd.5, No. 135)

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    With the 135th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Jaguars select Michigan WR Denard Robinson. A dynamic athlete, Robinson's ability ability to make big plays with running with the ball is what gives him a chance to make it in the NFL. Great foot quickness and agility allow Robinson to change directions fast, which should allow him to burst out his cuts to get separation in routes. According to sources, Robinson has displayed soft, natural hands catching the ball during practice, so he will just need to prove he this in actual games. Naturally instinctive running with the ball, Robinson finds open space/creases well, can make the sharp cut to get to it and has the elite burst to get through it before it closes. Robinson is a "blur" getting to full speed and once he does, he has the playing speed to take plays the distance and can out-run defenders who have the angle.

    Source: Sports Illustrated
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