Jason Babin Rips Eagles Fan Section For 'Vile' Chants

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by SRW, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Jason Babin hasn’t sacked a quarterback since Week 3 but came down hard Thursday on a faction of the fans at the Linc that vented frustration during the Eagles’ 30-17 loss Sunday to the Falcons.

    Babin said some of the chants coming from the grandstands were beyond standard fan backlash that players typically hear during tough stretches. He felt compelled to question their loyalty on his Twitter account Wednesday.

    “Really, I was speaking to ... during the game there was a good section of fans chanting some of the most vile things I’ve ever heard,†Babin said. “Not just at a football game, but in life, in general. Talking about attacking Coach (Andy Reid), talking about people’s wives and kids and chanting them. And I just thought there was no place for that in the NFL, none whatsoever.

    “Just some of the foul things people were saying. Yeah, I’m gonna be protective of Coach Reid, Coach Wash and my teammates. It was upsetting that a few bad apples were chanting that kind of stuff, but what are you going to do?â€

    Babin, who has played for five different NFL teams, said the chants were worse than he’s ever heard.

    “I’ve never heard -- listen, I don’t want to even repeat what I heard, it was that bad,†he said. “And I’ve got a pretty high threshold for adult jokes, to give you an idea of what they’re saying.â€

    Babin reiterated that they came from a small section of the fans but that they were harsh and loud enough to capture his attention.

    “Yeah, like I said, it’s a few bad apples,†he said. “Unfortunately, that’s the way it goes sometimes.â€

    Source: Comcast Sports
  2. 86WARD

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    Andy Reid kid jokes? Not cool if that's the case, but wouldn't be surprised.
  3. smeags

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    while i agree that that kind of stuff has no place anywhere babin needs to stfu and worry about his pathetic play. last week he whined about sacks not being that important when pinned down about his lack of production.

    hey dipcrap, you were signed soley for the purpose of getting sacks in that crap wide 9 because everyone knows you suck otherwise in any type of defensive front and cant stop a a running back to save your life.

    so again, yeah those fans are dirtbags but really dude, if you worried about your own play as much maybe you wouldnt suck so bad right now.
  4. CaptainStubing

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    so smeagle was at the game sunday........
  5. smeags

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    haaaa ... no.

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