Jason Garrett Declines To Say If Rob Ryan Will Return But Expresses Confidence In Him

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    Jason Garrett stopped short of saying Monday at his press conference that Rob Ryan would return as defensive coordinator next year. But he said he has a lot of confidence in Ryan, who had “a real challenge†this year because of injuries.

    “If you think about the number of guys we lost on defense – starting, marquee players who are just simply out – and the other guys who are battling through injuries and the challenges he had bringing guys from the practice squad up, from off the street and on our team and literally playing them two days later, that happened a number of different times, and I thought he did a really good job managing that situation,†Garrett said.

    “We had to make adjustments in our schemes to try to fit to what these guys are capable of doing, and it was challenging. There’s no question about it. But he never blinked.â€

    Cornerback Brandon Carr said he doesn’t see why Ryan should not be back.

    “You probably break the news to me when it happens, so until then, he is the coordinator,†Carr said. “The off-season is wacky – we all know that a lot of things happen, so I guess we’ll see. But he’s my coordinator right now, and that’s how it is.â€

    Source: Star-Telegram

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