Jerry Glanville Defends His Decision On Trading Brett Favre In 1992

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  1. During a recent interview with Thom Abraham of WNSR in Nashville, former Atlanta Falcons coach Jerry Glanville defended his decision to trade Brett Favre in blunt terms. "I had to get him out of Atlanta. I could not sober him up," Glanville said. "I sent him to a city where at 9:00 at night the only thing that's open is Chili Joes. You can get it two ways, with or without onions. And that's what made Brett Favre make a comeback was going to a town that closed down. If I would have traded him to New York, nobody to this day would have known who Brett Favre ever was."

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  2. bigsexyy81

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    WTF??? OK dude. I'm sure you traded him out of the goodness of your heart.

    Even if that was the case, you traded away one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Ya done hecked up.
  3. Squibby

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    If Brett would have stayed in Atlanta he would have never been a hall of famer. I've heard him say on tv a few times that getting traded was one of the best things to happen to him because he felt as if Green Bay wanted him and he started doing things right.

    I'm not saying he traded him out of the goodness of his heart...he traded him because he wasn't doing a thing besides drink in Atlanta.
  4. Jihad Joe

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    In fairness he drafted him in the second and traded him for a very high first the next season with Brett not playing a down

    And that pick wound up being Bob Whitfield
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    I have to call B.S. here. You do not send someone to Wisconsin to sober them up.
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    It was a good move...if he wasn't traded he would have been out of the league in 5 years and a drunken bum.
    Getting that trade was the best thing to happen to Brett Favres life let alone his career, and even though we did nothing with the pick we got it was a good move by the Falcons.
  7. MediaGuy

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    STFU Jerry. I never trust a man who wears all black, a big belt buckle, a cowboy hat, talks with a Texas accent, went to Northern Michigan University, and was born in Detroit.
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    lol....anyone who would speculate that Favre wouldnt have had a great if he didn't get traded is ridiculous. There have been a lot of players who have liked the booze too much in there very young careers and have wised up and had great careers. The bottom line is nobody will ever know what Brett would have done as a Falcon because he never played....The only fact here is that Glanville and the Falcons traded a Hall of Fame QB....but this isn't a surprise because the Atlanta Falcons pretty much hecked everything up back then.
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    That is a good point you trade an unknown for a high first who would not have made the trade. This is a lot like the Walker trade when it was first done people were talking about how Dallas could trade away their only offensive player now people say how could the Vikings make the trade. At the time people were saying that he had upside but was having drinking issue. It is people looking back on it now can see it is one sided. Take the Whitehurst trade today people are saying the Seahawks overpaid for him but if he becomes a Pro Bowler then they will say just the reverse.

    I think that the point he was trying to make is that there was no clubs open up in Green Bay like there are in ATL. Do you think it would have worked out better if he was traded to New Orleans?
  11. Jihad Joe

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    I mean crap, Whitfield was an All Pro LT for a very long time
  12. K Train

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    lol bullcrap
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    Bullcrap or not, the NFL is a duller place without guys like Glanville.

    Classic off the wall crap, Jerry. :icon_smile:
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    Why the heck does it even matter anymore? lol.
  15. DoubleC

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    So... all those retiring/comeback/retiring/comeback stories are because of you, Jerry. Thank you very much.:icon_evil:
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    Ain't that the truth!
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    Dude it was 18 years ago...let it go.