Jerry Jones Compares Cowboys QB Tony Romo's 'Offensive Mind' To Sean Payton's

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    Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones compared Tony Romo's offensive mind to that of New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and said former coach and recently inducted Hall of Famer Bill Parcells endorsed the quarterback for having more say in the offensive plans, Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas reports.

    "Bill knows Tony well and he has always had a real appreciation for Romo's approach and his intellect relative to play calling relative to seeing and understanding the game," Jones said Tuesday on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM in Dallas. "He's unique in that way. In a way, Tony has some of the kind of skills you might see in a Sean Payton."

    Jones shared a chat he had with Parcells when the Cowboys played in the Hall of Fame Game earlier this month.

    "It is also just the flair for being able to see it and being creative out there," Jones said. "In visiting with Bill, he thought it was something we really ought to take advantage of is Tony's ability to see the field, call the plays and make more decisions out there."

    Romo, when told of Jones' Payton comparison, said he has gotten to the point of his career "where you understand the game at a certain level."

    "For me, I think sometimes I think about the game very detailed," he said. "Little things matter tremendously as far as the outcome of plays -- the releases, the differing things as far as where you want people on certain plays at what depth. And a lot of good coaches do that stuff."

    "I just think you see it that way a little bit more when you get older."

    Source: The Redzone
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    Maybe not that it's like Sean's but you see the affect that Sean had on romo early in his career while Sean was OC

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    you can have a brillant mind, but if you cant make it happen when its needed, whats the point
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    That's mighty close to a confession...

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