Jerry Rice Responds To 49ers WR Randy Moss' Claim Of The Greatest WR Ever

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by Sweets, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. VICK#7


    Moss is a good receiver, Although Jerry Rice and Randy Moss shouldnt even be used in the same sentence. Moss must be smoking some good butt stuff to think he's better then Jerry Rice... lol, matter fact his stats arent even better then T.O.'s
    ( Terell Owens )
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  2. VICK#7


    Come on Randy Moss.. Puff, Pufff, Now Give... I wanna try it...
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  3. Stinger75

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    Completely different WR too... In Moss's early years with the Vikings, he was the deep threat. Even in his early years, Rice was a route runner who went over the middle and caught the short to mid-range balls. Granted Rice had deceptive speed. If you put Moss on those 49ers teams Moss doesn't make 1/2 the plays Rice did, he just never had the right mind set or work ethic.
  4. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    Rice ran precise routes and couldn't be stopped from catching the ball. Bang, if you could get your hands on him, Moss and his threat would be gone.
  5. SeanTaylor21

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    Randy Moss is a tremendous receiver, he never worked to improve his play and just relied on his insane speed.
  6. DaBears22

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    Moss was the best his own mind.
  7. Steve12

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    If moss worked as hard as rice, he would have been considered the greatest athlete in the history of the planet.
  8. DaBears22

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    Nah that honor belongs to Jack Nicklaus. 18 majors? Tiger won't reach that mark. A close second is Dale Sr.