Jets LB Bart Scott Backtracks, Says He Has 'Tremendous' Respect For Team's Fans

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    On Wednesday, Jets linebacker Bart Scott offered this rebuttal to those fans who heckled the players (except Tebow!) and coaches during the Pats' blowout loss (you can see the video here but know there's some naughty language):

    “At the end of the day, if you made it to be able to put an NFL uniform on, then you are one of the best athletes in the world,†Scott said via the the New York Daily News. “The person yelling at you probably was picked last in dodgeball all through high school. So do you care about the opinion of them? No.â€

    A day later, Scott softened his stance.

    “I have a tremendous amount of respect for fans and what they do and the sacrifices that they make,†Scott said according to the Daily News' Manish Mehta. “And I'm aware of that.â€

    Scott also conceded that probably not every fan was the last player picked in dodgeball.

    “That's a generalization,†he said. “I'm sure there's some great athletes out there. I'm sure there's some great people that could have played. That was … me being defensive, protecting my teammates and the things that they have to deal with. I couldn't care less. I've heard it all. I just felt bad for my teammates.â€

    No matter how bad the Jets were playing (as it happens, they were trailing 35-3 when the video above was taken), it's understandable why Scott would lash out. Of course, it's also understandable why some fans were fed up enough to voice their opinions directly to the team in which they support by showing up at the stadium.

    “They're entitled to it,†Scott said of the fans' speaking their collective minds. “We all came into the season with expectations. But I think the real true character of a man is when things aren't going well. Anybody can sit up here and answer questions and do things when it's easy, when it's convenient. But when times get tough, that's when a real man steps up and shows his true character.â€

    Source: CBS Sports

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