Jets Lean Heavily On Wildcat Offense In Minicamp

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by DaBears22, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. DaBears22

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    Tim Tebow might have floated up the interstate to Foxborough, but the Wildcat remains alive and well in Florham Park.

    Brian Costello of the New York Post reported that Gang Green's final minicamp session Thursday was drenched in the subpackage. The Jets "spent most of practice running the Wildcat," Costello tweeted, "More than I ever remember them doing it last year when you know who was here."

    New York's lingering interest in the Wildcat has much to do with the presence of quarterbacks coach David Lee, who was hired in January to replace Matt Cavanaugh and revive the Jets offense on the heels of last season's stillbirth.

    Lee tutored quarterbacks for the Buffalo Bills in 2012, but made his name half a decade ago introducing the Wildcat to NFL with the Miami Dolphins.

    Rex Ryan this week talked about using rookie quarterback Geno Smith in an assortment of read-option (and presumably Wildcat) plays.

  2. 86WARD

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    Setting Smith up for failure...
  3. Diesel44

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    if they were gonna run the wildcat,they should have kept tebow. rex ryan is just showing what a crapty head coach he is,just like his daddy.
  4. IX 7 III

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    I think at this point the jets are trying to see what their QBs can n can't do. Doesn't hurt to practice something that might give the team a chance to beat another. Its need to overreact.

    ...and I fade back to black.
  5. 86WARD

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    Considering Smith didn't run a whole hell of a lot in college, it's rather strange IMO...

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