Jets Re-Sign WR Santonio Holmes To A Five-Year, $50M Deal

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  1. The New York Jets addressed the No. 1 item on their free-agent list, coming to terms Wednesday morning with wide receiver Santonio Holmes, according to a league source. The deal is for five years and $50 million with $24 million guaranteed, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. That's the highest guarantee ever given to a wide receiver. After serving a four-game suspension for violating the league's substance-abuse policy, Holmes made an immediate impact with the Jets, making huge plays in the final minute of three consecutive games last November. This move isn't without risk, as Holmes is one strike away from a one-year suspension by the league.

    Source: ESPN New York
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  2. More info in a few.......this should all but confirm Braylon Edwards is a goner.
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    Edwards pretty much confirmed that via his Twitter page.

    Holmes left money on the table to sign with the Jets cause of Sanchez...
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  4. Article could be worth up to $50M.
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  6. Adam Schefter:
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    Hopefully the Jaguars step up and maybe go after Braylon Edwards then. I'll be annoyed if we don't even make an attempt.
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    5 year 50 mill, wow, now thats a joke, seriously
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    Meh...gotta see how it breaks down. It's only $24M guaranteed.
  10. No Asomugha..Jet fans
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    Dont be so sure. The cap has been, is and always will be a Joke

    The Cowboys were 18 over. We can easily get 30 under without killing ourselves
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    this is a great signing for the Jets. Now i don't think they will hold onto Braylon Edwards. But I think Holms is a better receiver anyways