Jets Rookie CB Dee Milliner Called Out By Rex Ryan, Antonio Cromartie

Discussion in 'New York Jets' started by SRW, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Rookie cornerback Dee Milliner struggled against the Jacksonville Jaguars, lacking aggressiveness and allowing too much space in man coverage in the Jets' 37-13 win.

    Struggles are expected for any rookie, but Milliner is contending with the shadow of Darrelle Revis. It adds another layer of pressure for the ninth overall pick in April's draft.

    "For him it's a learning experience," said Antonio Cromartie, who is expected to start across from Milliner in Week 1. "For this game, it's the second preseason game for him and we expect more from him than we saw tonight.

    "That's something that he needs to learn from and he has to come out with a great attitude and get ready for the next week when we get ready to play guys like Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz (against the New York Giants)."

    Frankly, it's a bit surprising to hear Cromartie get on Milliner publicly but he is now the leader of that secondary. If he feels Milliner should be called out, he has that authority.

    "I was a little upset with some of the mistakes we made," Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "I didn't like the way we competed and challenged on the outside -- not so much Cromartie, but from Dee.

    "When we call on him, I want him to get up there. Let's go. Let's play. We were off a little too much, and it's not as if you game plan them like crazy, but give them credit."

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    Although constructive in nature, why these guys would have to opinionate into a microphione is dicey. Everybody reacts differently to public criticism. We shall see. I just hope the media and Jets fans aren't expecting Revis-type play in Milliner's rookie season.
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    what happened to to keeping everything,including being critical of players,in the lockeroom? that is why ryan is such a crapty coach! there is a time and place to get pissed,but never in the media and never in week 2 of preseason to a rookie playing his second ever pro game!
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    do not compare him to Revis. That is too much for a rookie. Corner is hard for a rookie to just step in and shine usually. Also, Millner came from Bama where he had one of the best defensive coaches coaching him up all those years. Give him a year to get his feet wet and transition to the pro game then dump on him if you must.

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