Jets Rookie LT Oday Aboushi Slams Report On His Political Beliefs

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    Oday Aboushi should be in the process of preparing for his rookie season with the New York Jets. Instead, the fifth-round draft pick is answering accusations about his political beliefs.

    The Brooklyn-born Aboushi is one of a handful of Palestinian-Americans to be drafted by an NFL team. This week, FrontPage Magazine, a conservative political website, published a report that portrayed Aboushi as a Muslim extremist who uses social media to promote an anti-Semitic agenda.

    The magazine's web post gained traction when other media outlets picked up on the report.

    "My family's been just as shocked by the lies and smears as I've been," Aboushi said Friday in a phone interview with the New York Post. "I don't think I'm radical at all. I have never done any radical behavior. For the writer to come out and claim that just builds lies on top of the lies."


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