Jim Harbaugh, 49ers Had Informal Contract Talks

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    According to Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News, the scuttlebutt is that the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh had some informal discussions this offseason about a contract extension.

    When Jim Harbaugh initially agreed to become the 49ers head coach, he signed a five year deal that was reportedly worth $25 million. He has completed two years of his deal, and things have probably gone better than most of us could have expected.

    According to Kawakami, Harbaugh ranks third in the NFC West in salary, with Jeff Fisher earning $7 million per year and Pete Carroll earning $6 million per year. Kawakami thinks a Super Bowl win could net a doubling of his salary, then the two sides might be more inclined to let it pay out.

    Source: SBNation.com

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