Jim Harbaugh Considers 49ers QB Alex Smith As An Elite Quarterback

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  1. When discussing the two quarterbacks who will be on the field Sunday at Candlestick Park, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh described Eli Manning of the New York Giants and Alex Smith in much the same way. "He's every bit the elite quarterback as there is playing in the game right now," Harbaugh said of Smith. "I appreciate all the talent that he has and what he brings to our team," Harbaugh added. "There's evidence however you want to pick his performance apart. He's playing at a very high level." When discussing what impressed him about the New York Giants' win over the New England Patriots on Sunday, Harbaugh said: "So many things. What a good football team they have. How well they play on the defensive front. And same with the offensive line -- just a really good team on the lines; very good, elite quarterback; and the skills positions receivers and backs are outstanding."

    Source: Comcast SportsNet Bay Area
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  2. Smith has played surprisingly well this year............

    Elite? No way.
  3. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Elite? HAHA! Uh, NO!
  4. Smith averages about 180 yards passing a game.............that's not 'elite QB' numbers.

    The 49ers rely on a strong running game and stout defense. All Smith has to do is manage the game. He's not the type of QB that can win games on his own on a consistent basis.
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  5. Sweets

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    With such a great running game why throw...
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    C'mon Jim...

    Alex Smith has done a nice job in managing games this year, but he's not an elite QB nor in the same category as Eli Manning.

    A few facts -- over the last 8 years, only Brady and Peyton have quarterbacked more wins that Eli. Over the last 6 years, Smith has judy 61 TD passes while Eli has 141. Eli is also a Superbowl MVP.

    You don't just become an 'elite quarterback' overnight just because your team is (finally) playing well.
  7. K Train

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    people just throw out the word elite like its nothing
  8. The Red

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    Goodell needs to have drug testing for coaches now. Harbaugh has done well with Smith and has taught him to manage the game, but he is no way an elite QB and if we had to rely on him to win our games I don't believe our record would be what it is.
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    I wouldn't say Smith's elite. Maybe having a good season, compared to his past, but not elite. i wouldn't call Cam Newton elite, even with how he's playing. Give him a couple of years, learn him how to finish the game, and Newton will be elite

    But as for Smith, he's only about as good as Chris Weinke was.
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    I bet you he thinks Troy Smith is an elite Quarterback too...
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    eh, he's just supporting his guy and trying to build up his confidence. harbaugh is still new to the nfl and this is something a coach would do with a college kid, which is what he knows. harbaugh is still figuring out how to coach 30-year old men. this comment typically wouldn't have much affect on a professional one way or another. it's just coach talk.
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    Alex is elite. Nobody can manage the game like him
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    hope thats sarcasm:icon_eek:
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    I blame ESPN for that
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    Just when I think it's safe to go into the water....Sl2m3y posts... :rolleyes:

  16. MadMoxxiFavGun

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    Inserts jaws music. LoL . Ok if u been paying attenition I am on the record saying he is plaaying like dilfer 2000 ravens
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  18. 86WARD

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    Well he is Elite. There's only 32 starting QBs in NFL. How many QBs are in the world? Being one of the 32 is pretty elite...lol.
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    Nobody pays attention to you!!!!:icon_cheesygrin: Yes, he is managing the game like Dilfer..who also was very far from elite
  20. I was expecting a response like that from you...............even though it's totally asinine.