Jim Harbaugh Considers 49ers QB Alex Smith As An Elite Quarterback

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by BigBlueBruiser, Nov 10, 2011.

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    I did watch the game, u dumbass. The fact that your attempting to make Smith sound great because he put together a few drives that resulted in 3 points is what makes this so laughable.

    Here's the cold facts. Alex Smith is given the job of not throwing games away, that straight away doesn't make him elite. He's 30th for YPA, that's not elite. He's 24th for Attempts, that shows that the team don't trust him to move the offense and win games, therefore not elite. I'll give him his completion% and TD/INT ratio, but again, that is strongly in favour of the heavy run game, and in a league where it's not hard to have silly passing numbers, it's even easier to have success in the air when the defense is committing to the run!

    But the thing that makes me laugh the most is that overnight you have gone from hating Smith's guts for years, but just because the team is now winning (In spite of him might I add) suddenly he's the new Montana?!!!
  2. WTF are you talking about?

    I'm talking about Manning's total body of work............not just one game. Eli has accomplished way more than Smith has and has proved he is an elite QB.

    It's sad that your continuing to argue that Smith is an elite QB where he clearly is not. All they ask him to do is not screw it up.
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  3. Thats the real sad part of all of this............besides him thinking that he's better than Eli Manning. Thats a laugh too.
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    And so is Tebow. He is the elite of the elite. Is this the backwards universe?
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    Slim3y one more personal attack and you will be carded. Andy don't retaliate unless it's in the fight club please. You guys got beef take it there.
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    Buck this thread isn't about Tebow.
  7. This thread makes me laugh.............
  8. If thats your logic...............

    Eli > Alex

    Although Smith was never nor will he be an elite QB.


    That win against the Saints had be believing, but that game against the Giants just showed me Alex Smith has a long ways to go before he is Elite. How about winning a super bowl first, or a championship game? Perhaps winning MVP or getting into more then one pro bowl?
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    who said this:icon_confused:
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  12. Eli does have better receivers but he's also the better quarterback. He can win games in crunch time while posting good numbers.

    What I saw this season from Smith this season is about as good as it's going to get. There isn't one aspect from him that tells me he's an elite QB. He had one solid year. That's it. After being drafted in 2005.
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