Jim Schwartz Downplays Jed York's Comments At 49ers Rally

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    49ers owner Jed York had some fun with The Handshake at a mid-week pep rally to promote Sunday’s Lions-49ers/Jim Schwartz-Jim Harbaugh showdown.

    "Just because we had a big win last week doesn't guarantee anything next week," York told a crowd of 49ers fans. "So please make sure you come out there, give us as much support as possible and by all means when you're shaking somebody's hand at the end of the game, don't do it too hard."

    Asked about York’s comments today, Schwartz said, “I don’t have any take on it. Like I said, none of that stuff matters on Sunday night and our job’s to go play football. We’ll do our very best to play football.â€

    Schwartz and Harbaugh exchanged verbal unpleasantries after the 49ers beat the Lions at Ford Field last year. Harbaugh celebrated enthusiastically, greeting Schwartz with a too-hard handshake and slap on the back, and Schwartz responded by chasing Harbaugh into the end zone and bumped him along the way.

    Schwartz declined to say if he plans to shake Harbaugh’s hand Sunday – “I’m pretty much done with all those questions,†he said – and reiterated that storyline has been the furthest thing from his mind this week.

    “I haven’t been worried about it already,†he said. “It seems as though that’s where the NFL and coverage of the NFL is going, to more soap opera stories and stuff like that, and we try to keep our concentration on the game.â€

    Source: Detroit Free Press

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