Joe Ellis Says Broncos V.P. John Elway Has Already Exceeded Expectations

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  1. Albert Breer of NFL Network spoke with Broncos president Joe Ellis about the set-up a couple months ago, and he was hopeful that executive vice president John Elway would learn on the job, and that they would find the right coach. In Ellis' mind, he now has answers in both those areas, and he thinks the fans are responding. "There's a renewed sense of spirit in our building, but more importantly in our community, just in the hiring of John Elway and the bringing-on of an experienced coach who's got a lot of respect around the league and a lot of great qualities," Ellis said. "It's been a very good match for our organization. I did say to you a few months ago that (Elway) knew what he didn't know. "But I think everybody's found out that he knows a lot more than we thought he might know." What Ellis says he's found is a passionate football guy in Elway, and one who'd done a lot of groundwork to prepare for the position he's been thrust into. Back in January, Ellis told Breer that Elway's job would be to set the football culture and make sure that side of the building was always pulling in the same direction. What he may not have known is how smoothly Elway would operate as an NFL executive. "It's something I think he's planned for," Ellis said. "It probably took a lot longer to get to this point than he wanted it to, but now that it has happened, he has conducted himself like he certainly was ready for it and expected to succeed. And he'll be first to tell you, it comes down to performance on the field. We gotta win, and we all know that. But from what we've seen so far, he's setting the table the right way." "I think what he saw as a player when (Elway) was with the Broncos in the 80s and the 90s was a team that really conducted itself and behaved like a family. I want us to get that feeling back, that unity back, where everybody has each other's back and everybody works together, and there's no hidden agendas and we're all on the same page moving forward. And I really think between he and John Fox and Brian Xanders, we've got that in place."

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  2. John has been everything plus more with his return to the Broncos in a front office capacity.

    They have been working very well together and hopefully their smooth transition continues.
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    I honestly think Fox was a good hire. Sometimes you cant judge a HC based on his recent record. Look at how badly Carolina botched recent drafts and what talent fox has had to work with

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