Joey Porter Says He’s Retiring As A Steeler

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    In with the Steelers, out with the Steelers. Joey Porter, the former vocal leader of the Steelers defense, told the NFL Network a knee injury has ended his career, and he wants to ceremoniously retire in Pittsburgh. Quarterback Kordell Stewart also did so this spring. Porter, 35, was limited to six games with Arizona last season. A 13-year veteran who spent eight seasons with the Steelers, Porter made the Pro Bowl four times as an outside linebacker.

    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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  2. 86WARD

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    One of my favorites. Talked the talk and backed it up...loved when he made Jerramy Stephens his snitch...
  3. Crowned

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    I love Peezy, one of my favorites as well. Glad he's retiring a Steeler.
  4. K Train

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    one of my all time favorite football personalities. Hes always said he was a steeler no matter what team he was with, this is no surprise
  5. Crowned

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    Steelers haven't had that "heart" in the defensive huddle, or huddle in general since Joey has been gone. If Peezy can't get you fired up, you might not have a pulse.

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