John Cena To Win WWE Title At Night Of Champions?

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk' started by SRW, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. signofvictory

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    I hope not and I somehow doubt that will happen either. I've heard that the Triple H move has been planned ever since the MyNetworkTV (or whatever) was made. Apparently he's gonna be in the preview/commercial telling people to watch Smackdown or something.

    As for the HHH/Edge feud, I hope not. I don't see Triple H on the losing end of any feud and he'll probably dominate and kill Edge off for good, which would suck since he's one of the best heels in the company at the moment. Plus, Taker should be back eventually feuding with him. I think if anything, Edge will lose the title and feud with Taker while Triple H is the champ on SD.
  2. DaBearsrule4ever

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    I remember when John Cena was the United States Heavyweight Champion and he brought in a spinner belt for that championship too. Then when Orlando Jordan won the belt from him, Jordan put that belt in a trash can (where it belongs) and had that thing blown up, that was one of the greatest things i've ever seen in the wrestling business.

    When Batista got sent to Raw and Triple H to Smackdown, I figured it was a done deal that either Edge or Triple H would lose their respective title but oh no, not the case. Vince has hecked up way too much since the Attitude Era ended.

    It's crap like this, the same old BULLCRAP storylines in the WWE that have been ran over and over again why I prefer Independent Wrestling now of days over WWE.
  3. PurplePeopleEaters

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  4. signofvictory

    signofvictory Go Cubs Go!!

    I think the reason I've been getting into sports more than what I use to be is because WWE sucks so much these days. I stopped watching Smackdown on a weekly basis after the Eddie Guerrero crap (Orton insulting him despite being dead for not even a month or so) and then when I was almost back into watching Smackdown, The Great Khali won the title. It was the final straw and I stopped DVRing it, LOL. ECW has sucked since it's began and Raw has lacked week after week.

    Thats saying a lot for a guy who didn't mind the Invasion storyline (Had it's flaws, but I found my way of enjoying it) and Triple H having the title ALL the time from 02-04 or whenever it was.

    Sadly, I think the final straw was the Benoit tragedy. I think I've ordered at most like 2 PPV's since that happened and neither was Wrestlemania, so yeah. I know it wasn't WWE's fault for that happening but for the first time in 12-13 years, I don't watch much wrestling at all because I can't get into TNA or the indy scene.
  5. Jtracey10

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    OK there is absolutely no way that neither of the titles will be competed for in Raw, regardless of who has what. I'm hoping that something will lead to Edge coming to Raw, to bring back the Undertaker. That seems like a very logical direction for it to go.

    There is absolutely no way that Vince will have Mark freaking Henry be the class of the flagship show, Raw.

    I actually like what the WWE did yesterday, I'd be lying if I say I saw that finish coming. Also the HBK-Y2J feud should be great to watch.
  6. ball in the baskett

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    Well that kills that rumor triple h still has it lol.
  7. DaBearsrule4ever

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    I only get one ppv per year and thats wrestlemania, thats it.

  8. signofvictory

    signofvictory Go Cubs Go!!

    I forget what ones I got last year. Maybe I didn't... I know I ordered a TNA PPV because I thought someone like RVD was going to debut and it ended up sucking big time.
  9. PSID412USM

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    Well Cena didn't win it. I hoped he would cause I just want Edge as a champ on SD
  10. Inclulbus

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    It's all good with 2 belts on Smackdown, just shows something crazy is gonna happen, or CM Punk is gonna cash in, and bring a title to raw to get it back.
  11. Greg Brosh

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    The last one I ordered was the One Night Stand where RVD beat Cena to win the title. that was probably the best ECW show I had seen in quite sometime. I haven't gotten another one since.
  12. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    The crowd was amazing at that show, Plus a lot of great matches that night. Rey and Sabu tore the house down, wished that match could've finished.
  13. Jtracey10

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    Quoted for the truth.

    I'm so smart.:icon_cheesygrin:
  14. Crunkbuc4d1

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    I'm not sure if CM punk is ready for a title run. his title reign might last one ppv...if that!
  15. Jtracey10

    Jtracey10 Jets in '08

    Yeah, it seems very sudden for him. He was getting jobbed for a while there, it strange to see him thrown into the fire already. The problem raw has now is that there are no really good Heels to feud with him.

    Jericho is feuding with Y2J and Orton will be out for a while. Hopefully JBL wont be who they turn too. I'd love to see Cena or/and Batista turn heel.
  16. Crunkbuc4d1

    Crunkbuc4d1 Sweets' Man Slave called it on JBL.
    I hat Punk's champ can have a crappy finisher like that. It won't work against bigger wrestlers.
  17. Jtracey10

    Jtracey10 Jets in '08

    That's true.

    Hopefully the JBL feud doesn't last, it would be so crap.
  18. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    his finishing move is a beast i think

    i was close, lol.
  19. Crunkbuc4d1

    Crunkbuc4d1 Sweets' Man Slave

    Anytime Crymetime gets some tv's a cool show for me.

    I don't see Punk using that move on: Batista, Cena, Kane, etc.
  20. Inclulbus

    Inclulbus WE ARE! .. Marshall!

    i can't believe he got JBL's big butt up.