Jones carries burden of proof

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  1. Personally I think the Cowboys would not be wise to let Jones leave; that's not a knock on Barber, but Jones, if let go would probably have a career year with someone else.
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    Just when I thought u didn't have a clue....u never seem to amaze me Indy..
    Your right about that....but Jerry Jones is a business man and Ju Jones has a lot to learn about business....but I will say this Ju Jones knows that old Jerry will pay top dollar for top if Ju Jones decides that he's going to run like he did last year or worst he will be having a break out season for another franchise.....and if he shows that he can hit the holes and make the cuts when needed then he will be franchised, and Jerry.... old Jerry will pay top dollar.....we just have to wait and see.....09-09-07
  3. Omen

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    my fear is that he will have monster year get a huge contract and then he doesnt produce

    only reason we shouldnt let him go is bc i think he have a good 1-2 combo maybe with brown number one we can get his replacement
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    Jones has too big of an ego to be a #2 back. This is his last year in big D.
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    MBIII can definitely replace Jones.
  6. Omen

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    i beleve this also but i rather have a rwo baxk system
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    Yeah, I agree 100% on this, Omen. The rwo baxk system is definitely the way to go in todays NFL, especially with rwo baxk like Barber and Jones. I think having rwo baxk allows each to perform better than he would in a single baxk offense, in a large part because it is harder to defenses to gameplan against and make in game adjustments for each baxk unique qualities.

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    man walnuts is picking up omenese pretty quick
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    Now now gentlemen all this talk may be true....but lets not jump the gun so early...if Ju Jones were the only back in the back field he still would do fairly well like he done his rookie season and he didn't play the whole season....and as much as I like MB3's powerful running style I don't think he would do as good as closing the two headed monster is exactly what it is and will remain that way for the rest of this season....after the season is over then we can start talking about contracts and can MB3 do the job or if Jones is done in I wrote previously....Jerry is business man and when u play for him your business is to do your job....Ju. Jones and MB3 both are doing great jobs of being the TWO headed lets just wait and see.....9-9-07
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    MB3 can take over