Josh Brown To Wear Heated Pants Against Green Bay

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by burnout2oo7, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. burnout2oo7

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    SEATTLE -- Seattle Seahawks kicker Josh Brown says he'll wear heated warm-up pants in the freezing weather at Saturday's playoff game in Green Bay.Brown says he has equipped his pants with battery-powered heaters for the calves, thighs and hamstrings.Brown told KIRO Radio that no matter how low the temperature drops, his legs will be 75 degrees.Brown says kickers, who spend most of the game on the sideline, have to work harder to stay loose in cold weather by walking around, practicing kicks or using heaters.The National Weather Service is predicting a 20 percent chance of snow showers on Saturday in Green Bay, with a high near 28. Temperatures are expected to dip to 17 degrees on Saturday night.

    What a cat.
  2. TJ

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    Rep for that avatar I just noticed, burnout :lol:
  3. eaglesrule4ever

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    thats pretty cool as long as it keeps you warm itll do
  4. n1gbpackfan

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    Whimp!!!! :chicken:
  5. burnout2oo7

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    Football is supposed to be played in the elements. I'll give the NFL the neutral warm weathered city/dome for the Super Bowl, but players with electric pants? C'mon. We've gone from barefoot kickers to hot-pants kickers...
  6. n1gbpackfan

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    Rep that!

    No crap - what a bunch of wusses.. and btw, wouldn't that be equipment violation - or does the NFL allow that crap now? Next thing you know cold weather teams like the Packers, Eagles, Giants, Patriots, etc., will be using air conditioned uniforms when they go to Arizona... NOT! They are not friggen pussies!
  7. eaglesrule4ever

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    why do you rep that first of all its a kicker doesnt get to be on the field very much he would be freezing his balls off and plus burnout2oo7 made this thread
  8. n1gbpackfan

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    Because what he said was true... - if you can't handle the heat, or in this case the cold - get out of the league. Kickers have been doing this for years, and now they need heated pants? Give me a friggen break.

    And btw - I believe I can rep anyone any time I want.
  9. eaglesrule4ever

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    btw whos said you couldnt rep anyone i said why did you rep that because if this is america anyone can do anything they want including kickers if you have a problem with that you should go to mexico.
  10. n1gbpackfan

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    Be my guest, want me to but you a ticket? He is NOT gonna freeze his balls of when its 28 degrees for christ sakes. I could see if it was the ice bowl or something, then maybe I would understand - key word maybe!
  11. DallasArmor09

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    I got hot pants every day but thats just me:dance04:
  12. Cletusaurus

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    Didnt' Josh Brown kick at NEBRASKA?! I'm from the midwest, I know how cold it gets there... what a freakin' wuss.

    I see Josh tried out his "hot pants" in practice recently, though...

  13. DallasArmor09

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    No wonder they say Josh Brown has a nice leg.:dirty20:
  14. eaglesrule4ever

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    now i understand why everyone says that.
  15. Crowned

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    i got no problem with him doing this, he sits on the bench for 97% of the game and has no time to stay warm hes just taking precautions and if he hits a game winner than hotpants > all
  16. eaglesrule4ever

    eaglesrule4ever Pro Bowler

    i agree with that every kicker will want hotpants.
  17. HailttRedskins

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    Haha, they better all do that, it's time for them to feel what cold is really like.
  18. reubenco

    reubenco Greenbelter

    This is legal?
    Somehow I don't see Roger Goodell allowing players to wear heated pants if he doesn't even let them spike the ball.
  19. FinFan_23

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    I don't see a problem with a kicker wearing heated pants, who freakin cares if you get called a cat! He's staying warm in case he has a big kick.
  20. TDJets72027

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    What a chicken. I didn't see the Jags in heated Pants when they went to Pittsburgh (TWICE)