Julian Edelman Arrested

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    At a brief court hearing Tuesday, a not-guilty plea was entered for New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman to a charge of indecent assault and battery in connection with an alleged incident at a Halloween party. He was released on personal recognizance.
    Edelman, 25, is accused of groping a woman during a Halloween party at a Boston nightclub. Police were called to the club about 1:30 a.m. and met a woman who said the player reached under her costume and grabbed her crotch, according to an application for a criminal complaint.

    Source: Associated Press
  2. ball in the baskett

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    you can get arrested for things like that?????

    i have to be careful when i drink and start grabbing girls asses
  3. Steve12

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    I'd be surprised if he kept his job much longer. Guys that break the "Patriot Way" don't normally last long.

    That sounds so corny.
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    Gold digging....she's doing it wrong.
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    Idiot...who the heck thinks THIS is a good course of action to get a woman....

    dumb asses these days.
  6. Steve12

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    Ben Roethlisberger?
  7. Dragonite

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    Well played...WELL...PLAYED.