Just a question for you fantasy knuckleheads...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by SportsChump, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. SportsChump

    SportsChump Well-Known

    How many leagues is too much?

    I'm thinking two, along with pick 'em pools, suicide pools and everything else. I mean, I do like to have a life that doesn't involve talking about fantasy 24/7.

  2. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    Back when I was in college and couldn't find a date to save my life, I got so into fantasy football, that I was in 10 or 12 leagues in the same season. I think it was 2004. I went 0-12.

    Now? I'm in 2 and it feels like too much sometimes. I still haven't won anything, and I don't try that hard anymore. On drafts, I make sure to pick my starters and then leave and let my rankings select the rest automatically. I'm in it just for the trash talk with friends. Don't really care much anymore...
  3. Kurt

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    I recommend you try a dynasty league and maybe 1 or 2 standard leagues. The dynasty league is year round and allows you to sculpt your team throughout the years. Since its a longer term project its very rewarding and the yearly draft is pretty quick since after the initial draft each subsequent draft is rookies only or at least only 4 to 6 rounds or so.. they are all different but you get the just of it.

    I'll play 3 or so standard leagues and have 2 dynasty leagues. On top of that I'm playing DFS each week lol
  4. SportsChump

    SportsChump Well-Known

    I haven't delved into DFS much.

    And I'm with you, Teej. It's way more fun to join in a league with friends to trash talk. Otherwise, what's the point?
  5. Kurt

    Kurt That Server Guy Staff Member Fantasy Guru

    For some people competitive fantasy sports are pretty rewarding and fun. So the guys winning year after year in your office league... Eventually graduate to competitive leagues.

    Others enjoy it so much they seek out random leagues.. Kind of like you in these forums, in a sense
  6. SportsChump

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    I'll be hosting two contests this year, both free.

    One is my annual over/under pick 'em.

    The other is a weekly, pick five games with confidence points that I'll track for the season.

    Prizes in both to be determined.
  7. Kurt

    Kurt That Server Guy Staff Member Fantasy Guru

    I'll try to catch it week 1!