Kaepernick extended through 2020

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by Walnuts, Jun 4, 2014.

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    Kaepernick has only had a year and a half as the starting QB in San Francisco but getting to two NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl will land this type of contract for you. I can only imagine the contract extension Russell Wilson will get likely after the 2014 season.
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    Good breakdown on the "real numbers" in Kaepernick's Deal...

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    The more I read about Kaepernick's deal, the more he gets raped...it's actually a pretty terrible deal for Kaepernick. $12-13 million truly guaranteed over 6-years? Wow...
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    Its a great deal for him if be becomes Peyton Manning
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    Huge if
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    Only problem is Kaepernick's "Game" isn't set up to achieve a lot of those goals and the de-escalators in his contract are almost guaranteed to kick in...
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    Strong possibility, but at the same time as he grows as a QB, Gore gets older and if they let Iupati walk they may rely more on the passing game. A couple years from now they may want him to be a 4,000 yard 30 TD guy.

    He has that ability, and IMO where this deal is great for SF is they have given him financial incentive to become that while guaranteeing they are going to pay for.

    It seems like they are basically guarenteeing themselves they are going to pay the right amount for the quality level they get at the QB position.
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    Either way, he can afford a crap ton more Dolphins gear now.
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