Lawrence Tynes To File Grievance Against Buccaneers Over NFI Designation

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    Buccaneers kicker Lawrence Tynes plans to file a a grievance against the team after it placed him on the non-football injury list Saturday instead of injured reserve. Tynes is battling MRSA, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, “is caused by a strain of staph bacteria that's become resistant to the antibiotics commonly used to treat ordinary staph infections.â€￾

    The team has agreed to pay Tynes his $840,000 base salary, even though it's not required of players who end up on the NFI list. But by not being placed on IR, Tynes will lose an accrued season toward his retirement pension.

    Hence the grievance.

    "This whole thing is wrong," Tynes told's Mike Garafolo. "My biggest emphasis is I don't want this to happen to any current or future player. I'm going to fight this thing as long as I have to, because this team should not be allowed to do this to players.

    "If I drop a 45-pound plate on my foot while lifting weights in the weight room at the facility, it's IR. So I just don't understand how my situation is any different. I went to work, I kicked, I practiced, I cold-tubbed, I hot-tubbed, I showered for all those days there. I come up with MRSA and it's a non-football injury? They're basically trying to exonerate themselves of this, and I'm not going to allow it to happen."

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    Re: Lawrence Tynes To File Grievance Against Bucs Over NFI Designation

    At least they paid you. Invest your checks
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    Lawrence...please explain to all of us ignorant tickets buyers how MRSA is a football related injury. You should get on your knees and kiss the butt of the Bucs owner for paying you money he didn't have to. Why don't you sue your own union for agreeing to such a clause in the CBA while you're at it?
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    I Don't understand how MRSA is a football injury if he wants to sue them because he can say and he has evidence to prove he got MRSA from the facalities where the bucs practice and shower at,that is a different matter. didn't the Cleveland Browns get sued by some players over this a few years back?
    To me this is like a hooker/gigilo suing the house of ill repute they work at because they caught the clap there!
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