LB Rolando McClain's Arrest Not Altering Ravens Strategy

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    Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome wanted to give former Oakland Raiders washout Rolando McClain one more chance in the NFL, McClain responded by yelling expletives at police in Alabama, subsequently getting arrested for disorderly conduct.

    For now, the Ravens are taking no action. They are waiting for the legal process to take its course, and a Monday report in the Baltimore Sun claims that McClain's arrest will not change the team's draft strategy.

    The reasoning here: With or without McClain, the Ravens needed more inside linebackers, even though the Ravens were hopeful McClain could play a big role, he was guaranteed no money in his contract. His deal only could be worth a maximum of $1.1 million, that signals he was not counted on as a long-term solution, McClain seems fairly likely to get cut, but that might have happened in training camp even without his legal trouble.

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