Lions CB Amari Spievey Returns To Practice, But Headaches Persist

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    Amari Spievey was back on the practice field today, but the headaches that kept him out of Friday’s preseason opener against the Cleveland Browns still haven’t gone away. Spievey said he took and passed a battery of concussion tests last week that showed no correlation between his headaches and the brain injury he suffered in the Detroit Lions’ wild-card loss to the New Orleans Saints in January. Spievey sat out part of the Lions’ off-season program because of post-concussion symptoms. “I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to play but thank God everything’s fine,†Spievey said. “I tested good and I’m fine so I’ll just deal with the headache.†Spievey, who’s had three concussions in his life – one from a bike accident when he was 9 or 10, one in high school and the one last year – did not say what’s causing his headaches. But he said he expects to have a headache for the rest of his life. “They’re just like post-concussion headaches,†he said. “I’m going to have them for a while, but oh well. As long as I can play, I’m good.â€

    Source: Detroit Free Press

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