Lions RB Jahvid Best Unlikely To Play Football Again

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by Sweets, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Having failed to find a doctor willing to clear him for a return to football, Jahvid Best has acknowledged that he's become the NFL's poster boy for concussions, Best has insisted, however, that retirement talk is premature, preferring to "cross bridges when I get to them."

    Those bridges now are on the immediate horizon, the Detroit Free Press recently confirmed Best isn't expected to play football again after suffering four concussions dating back to his final year at Cal.

    Already turning the page on his 2010 first-round draft pick, Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew now is looking for "that shifty back that can come in and be that change-of-pace guy who can catch passes out of the backfield."

    It's hard to overstate the importance of coach Jim Schwartz's fantasy back as a dangerous homerun hitter to complement wide receiver Calvin Johnson, over the past two seasons, the Lions are 5-1 with Best in the lineup as opposed to 9-18 without him.

    "You've all seen Jahvid when he's played," offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said last October. "He's as explosive of a player as I've been around."

    Best will be turning 24 next week, but he likely will end up joining former Cincinnati Bengals prodigy Greg Cook as one of the NFL's memorable shooting stars.

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  2. mtzninersfan

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    Wow...if hes not normal now will he ever be? What kind of tests is he failing? Cant remember his grandma or something? Thats too bad hes a hell of a player.
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    He's no contact for a looonnnggg time and still can't pass the tests... that ain't good.
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    Lol I now have a very obscure autographed mini-helmet
  6. DaBears22

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    That's a damn shame for someone so young. While playing football is all he probably wants to do, if no doctor will clear him maybe that's a good thing. Does he really want to go through life after football not remembering what he accomplished or what he was supposed to get at the store, or worse...
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    Hey, the Lions took a gamble and got burned. He had a nasty concussion at Cal that he never seemed to really get over. He was damaged goods when they signed on. Mayhew was right in calling himself out for depending on Best so much. They should of had a 1-2 duo back there, not Best and a bunch of ham and eggers. #25 might be the best of the bunch, but he's nothing special in my book.

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