Lions WR Ryan Broyles Expects To Avoid PUP List

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    Wide receiver Ryan Broyles was a full participant in all three days of Lions minicamp this week, six months and one week after undergoing surgery on his right knee, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports.

    Last spring, while recovering from the torn left ACL he suffered as a senior at Oklahoma, Broyles pushed his knee beyond its limits in rehab as he rushed to get ready for his pro day.

    “Last year I kind of beat my knee up trying to get ready for the combine,†Broyles said. “You’ve got to be smart about what you do and last year I had to hurry up before my quad was strong enough and before my hammy and my glut was strong enough, I was out there running so I could get ready for the pro day. I ran at the pro day 3½ months (after surgery). I didn’t really start running here until about five months, so I think that extra month and a half really helped me out.â€

    “This time, there’s really not much pressure on my patella right now because my quad is firing correctly, so I think that has a large part to do with it,†Broyles said. “Rest is really the biggest thing, and that’s what I’ve learned this time around. And really I couldn’t really do that (last year) because I had to get ready to go in and show what I have. So this time around it’s worked out a lot better for me. I still got a ways to go, but continue on this pace.â€

    Broyles said he doesn’t expect to start on the physically-unable-to-perform list when training camp opens next month, and if he can avoid that and continue on his current progression.

    With the Lions’ off-season program finished, Broyles said he’ll spend the next four weeks working out at Athletes Performance Institute in Pensacola, Fla.

    He’s not quite 100% yet, but he said he’ll be ready for whatever role coaches have in mind for him this year.

    “The body heals,†Broyles said. “People on the outside looking in, it might affect the way they think about me, but I know I’m a hard worker and the body’s going to heal, so I just got to take my time on that and just continue to come back and be as strong as I can.â€

    Source: The Redzone
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    I liked Broyles while he was at OU. I hope he can come back from his many leg injuries and still be the productive threat that he was in college
  3. K Train

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    He reminds me a lot of santonio holmes, his knees might be just about shot by now though
  4. JEMicklos

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    Broyles is more of a slot guy. That's what he was best at, at OU. He would gain most of his yards on 5 yard outs and taking them to the house 60 yards later
  5. K Train

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    Thats exactly how santonio holmes is/was...dude runs one of the dirtiest slant patterns ive ever seen, and he has the size of a slot guy he just grew into an outside guy.

    Watching them both play in college, the similarities is uncanny. Neither really a deep threat even though they are fast, but they run crisp routes and can run with the ball
  6. JEMicklos

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    See, if it was up the me, Broyles would be my 3 and Santonio my 2. Broyles is a out route/drag while Santonio is a comeback, curl, quick slant.

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