Local business owners show NFL how to protest

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    I’m a football fan.

    I watch football, both college and pro regularly, probably an unhealthy amount. I analyze it, talk about it with my friends and spend much of my Sundays on my sofa watching pregame coverage, post-game analysis and obviously the games themselves. I wager on them, play in eliminator pools, as well as fantasy football and pick ‘em leagues, not only because I enjoy them but also because I’ve turned a profit doing so. I recognize that the sport, for me at least, has generated an alternate source of discretionary income.

    I may be a dying breed, however, for as many people as there are looking forward to this NFL season, there are equally as many still perturbed about the anthem issue and they are striking back.

    Come debate at: http://sportschump.net/2018/08/30/local-business-owners-show-nfl-protest/20267/