Look For Great Players Getting New Contracts

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  1. Source: Bill Williamson, The Denver Post [ Full Article ]

    We all knew this was would be a landmark year in NFL free agency. We knew because of the dearth of great talent in the group and with so many teams with so much to spend - thanks to a record salary cap - there would be some huge dollars spent.

    And there has been.

    That means, in the next year, players with existing contracts will be looking for new deals. And you can't blame players, especially the stars. They see players such as cornerback Nate Clements - not an elite player - sign with the San Francisco 49ers for $80 million over eight years and they're going to want their pieces of the pie.

    Upon hearing of Clements' contract, an agent for a standout cornerback in the NFC said he was planning to talk to his client's team the next business day.

    Don't be surprised if the Broncos and cornerback Champ Bailey discuss a new contract next year. Bailey, the best cornerback in the league, is 28, in his prime and entering the fourth year of a seven-year contract. Bailey averages $9 million a year and still is the top-paid cornerback in the league because in real dollars, Clements' deal averages $8 million. Don't expect Bailey and the Broncos to disagree about a new contract. It is normal for a star player, after four years or so, to get a new deal. The Broncos will have money to spend next year and if Bailey continues to be one of the most effective players in the NFL, he likely will be rewarded for it.

    Average players are being rewarded. It only makes sense great players will be as well.